Windstream services explained in simple terms

April 6, 2019 ITG 0

By Treena Parish Recently, the Architectural and Environmental Control Department (AECD) has been in contact with Windstream and got quite an education about how line repair works. There are two different sets of contractor crews […]


What happened at AECD in the year 2018

January 8, 2019 ITG 0

By Treena Parish As always, every year I like to share a little information about the responsibilities of the Architectural Environmental Control Department (AECD) and how the numbers looked for the past year. Here is […]


Let your light shine, but keep it in compliance

October 23, 2018 ITG 0

By Treena Parish The Architectural Control Guidelines are pretty specific about outdoor lighting. With autumn and the holidays rapidly approaching, we need to make sure all lighting is in compliance. Below is an excerpt from […]


Culverts and posts may need your attention

September 28, 2018 ITG 0

By Treena Parish With all the recent rainfall, I’ve received many calls about driveway culverts being clogged. Please note the culvert under your driveway is your responsibility. It must be kept clear of debris and […]