The March full moon is a super wormy one

March 30, 2019 ITG 0

We’ve got a double whammy going with the March 20 full moon. Well, it’s actually a triple whammy, but who’s counting? This moon, known as the Worm Moon, happens to shine on the vernal equinox, […]


Nice day, nice trout

February 25, 2019 ITG 0

While the temperature didn’t call for shirtsleeves and shorts, the sky looked like a blue vista in July, if you ignore the barren trees. Fishing is always good on Lake Petit, especially since trout stocking […]


Your old Christmas tree can have a new home

January 10, 2019 ITG 0

Information submitted by Big Canoe Marina Staff Yes, your once majestically glorious tannenbaum can live forever, or at least for another few years. Since 2014, the Big Canoe Marina staff, aided by able bodied volunteers, […]