There’s an eye in the sky at the trash facility

There’s an eye in the sky watching you! Not to be afraid of this all-seeing eye, unless you’re an offender at the North Gate trash facility.
If you’re one of those people who sneaks a white porcelain throne, otherwise known as a toilet, in front of the garbage chute, be aware you’re being watched and expect a call from Public Works asking you to pick up your deposit and cart it elsewhere. It’s easy to note license plate numbers from the monitoring camera and your smiling face is a give away too.
This goes for debris not designated as proper deposits for our garbage, recycling, cardboard, yard scraps, and aluminum can dump sites. Be aware that fines can be levied for non-compliance.
Be considerate of other residents and our maintenance staff who really hate to see wanton disregard for the rules of rubbish. Bulk Trash Day is the place for unwanted big stuff, as well as the recycling facility on Cove Road. Please do your part.