Getting a grip on all this newfangled technology

When you look at your iPhone or iPad, does your tummy suddenly turn into knots? For many, learning new technology can be a challenge, to say nothing of mastering it.
But, help is at hand. Devon Collins and Gary Cherry, semi-experts in all things Apple oriented, hold frequent sessions to help users become more comfortable with their hand held devices. Yes, you can do this!
A “new user” session of the iDiots will be held on Monday, February 5 and a “seasoned user” session will take place on Friday, February 9. Both will be held at 1:00 p.m. in McCormick Hall, which is the lower level of the Broyles Center at the Big Canoe Chapel.
Each general discussion will be followed by small group breakout sessions. Remember, no question is too silly to ask.
If you wonder where you might fit in the scheme of things, contact Gary Cherry at to find out.
Won’t your grandkids be amazed at how your fingers can fly!