Wildflower Bunch kicks off a really big year

“The Fern Lady,” Eleanor Craig, shows one of the many fern varieties she will sell at Wildflower Bunch in May.
By Sara Juneau

The Wildflower Bunch (WFB) has a lot to celebrate in 2018 – a lot of years, that is – 25 to be exact. The club will mark its Silver Anniversary this year, 25 years of bringing together so many gardeners who love and want to preserve and enhance the natural beauty of Big Canoe. Such a big occasion demands a worthy celebration, and Judy Kaufman, club parliamentarian, has one of the club’s most memorable events in the works.

“The Fern Lady,” Eleanor Craig, shows one of the many fern varieties she will sell at Wildflower Bunch in May.

The official anniversary date won’t arrive until June, but every month from March through December, Wildflower Bunch members will be knee-deep in opportunities for learning and for sharing and nurturing their love of gardening. Vice President of Programs Margie Halls has arranged a calendar of monthly meeting speakers as well as special events and excursions to appeal to the club’s wide interests.
The year kicks off on Wednesady, March 7 with garden guru Cynthia Hendry letting everyone in on several very helpful tips, seen through photos of some beautiful and imaginative Big Canoe gardens.
Just as Wildflower bunch members are beginning to feel the pulse of Spring and the gardening urge, the club’s very popular Spring Plant Sale comes along. On Thursday, April 13 and Friday, April 14, several vendors will be at the Wildcat Pavilion with a great selection of must-have trees, shrubs, perennials, annuals, and ferns for sale, along with other gardening items.
Both members new to gardening at Big Canoe and those with already established gardens wanting to add new plants or garden features to their landscapes, often have questions about what is or is not suitable for our community. In April, Treena Parish, of Big Canoe Architectural and Environmental Control, will be guest speaker and provider of answers to all sorts of questions about guidelines designed to protect the character of Big Canoe.
Eleanor Craig, Wildflower Bunch’s favorite “Fern Lady,” will return in May with advice and answers to questions about the huge variety of ferns she knows and grows. Eleanor will have ferns for sale to members who want to add these beautiful plants to their own gardens.
Other Spring happenings include a “Coffee in the Garden,” an opportunity for an early morning stroll through a member’s garden, and an excursion to Grandma B’s Home and Garden Shop in Sandy Springs.
And that’s just the Spring line-up. There will be much more to see, do, and learn this year in Wildflower Bunch. Please join us!
Wildflower Bunch membership is open to any Big Canoe resident and is available throughout the year. Information is available at the club website, www.wildflowerbunch.com.