The magical allure of gemstones: past and present

By Christine Flaherty

The lure of precious and semi-precious stones is as unique as it is timeless. Throughout history they have been among the rarest and most treasured of possessions. On Tuesday, February 13 Kristin Vannucci, owner of Glimmer Girls and resident of Big Canoe, will offer a brief history of these fascinating and alluring pieces at the Ridgerunners meeting.
People have always decorated their bodies with feathers, bones, shells, and stones. Every generation interprets these items in their own, distinctive manner. Kristin will explore how styles have evolved, and then go on to review current trends in jewelry design.
“Ridgerunners will learn some fun and fascinating facts about jewelry and its history,” claimed Kristin. Our jewelry expert will reveal the actress who wore the most expensive piece of jewelry ever created for a film, and how the formation of modern day pearls goes well beyond the oyster. Kristin will also explore how the concept of a birthstone originated, going back farther than you might imagine.
Kristin Vannucci has over 18 years’ experience in the jewelry industry. “I love vintage jewelry, especially Victorian pieces, which I am often asked to track down for my clients,” she said.
Gemstones are steeped in significance and frequently play an important part in life’s milestones. Engagements, weddings, birthdays and holidays are often marked with a gift of jewelry, reinforcing its cultural role. You will want to join fellow Ridgerunners to hear the intriguing story of how this has transpired, and its impact on jewelry design today.
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