What can you do at the Fitness Center every day of the week?

While many think of a fitness center as a place to get buff and trim, there are many other options to enjoy at Big Canoe’s Fitness Center which is open seven days a week.
With machines to mold shapes from mush to muscular, walking on a treadmill doesn’t have to be all work. As you pound your way across a virtual landscape, stationary walkers can watch TV as one foot leads the other. Some prop books on the treadmill and escape to personal fantasy lands. Our assortment of machines can work on any body part for a better and healthier physique. For those who need direction and encouragement, a personal trainer can be yours.
If physical therapy is on your prescribed agenda, you can meet with your physical therapist right close to home. There are machines to help those with physical limitations or disabilities get strong.
To ease muscle aches, a team of massage therapists can help, or maybe take a yoga, tai chi, or meditation class to focus on your inner strength. Speaking of classes, there are many offerings at the Fitness Center. From Exercise 101 for those who need a reintroduction to fitness to boot camps geared to challenge the best of us, there’s a lot of learning to be had.
With an indoor pool, year round water exercising and swimming can help make moving easier. There are classes in water aerobics to strengthen muscles you didn’t know you had. Try a soak in the whirlpool followed by a sit in the sauna to complete your time at our gym.
For those who thrive on competition, why not play a game of squash or racquet ball? The Fitness Center also boasts an indoor tennis court.
Not so light on your feet? Attend a Weight Watchers meeting and then sign on for ballroom dancing lessons on Sunday evenings.
The Fitness Center is the starting point for trail information. Maps are available and no doubt plenty of advice about which trail to take and what to see.
There are those who just love to wander in for a complimentary cup of coffee or two while reading the AJC. Many a world problem has been solved at morning conversations over a jolt of java.
To prove you’ve been to the Fitness Center, buy a sweatshirt, tee or hat that proudly proclaims you love Big Canoe.
There’s so much to do at Big Canoe’s Fitness Center while getting fit and healthy. Why not stop by and take a tour of one of our community’s most active amenities?