Lit Lunch goes Wilde in July

By Mike Garvey

Oscar Wilde will be the author discussed at the July Lit Lunch held at the Clubhouse at noon on July 7. We will be considering three of Wilde’s short stories, “The Happy Prince”, “The Nightingale and the Rose” and “The Selfish Giant”. These enchanting and beautifully written stories have been classified as children’s stories, but have a lot to say to readers of all ages as the theme of love being a powerful motivator of behavior reaches everybody.
Oscar Wilde is famous for his literary output and his outrageously flamboyant manner of dress and personality. He is also known for his incomparable wit.
All are welcome to join Lit Lunch. Lunches are ordered from the Black Bear Pub menu. Discussions that follow lunch are always lively, informative, and entertaining. Mike Garvey will be the facilitator at the July meeting.
If you are not on the Lit Lunch roster, email for free downloads of the stories.
To reserve your place at the table, call Jena at the Clubhouse (706) 268-2420 by July 6.