Are you a working woman? There’s a club for that

Information submitted by Susan Spehar

Do you count yourself among the legions of workaday women? Perhaps you’re a true nine-to-fiver, work in a cubbyhole at home, or are just thinking about joining the workforce. Whatever your calling, Georgia Mountains Business Women’s Network (GMBWN) is the club for you.
Meeting monthly, members act as cheerleaders for each other, with some mentoring along the way. Topics for discussion are always pertinent to what is faced in any workplace.
On March 15, GMBWN will meet at the Sconti Clubhouse for dinner and hear Clara Mae Van Brink, nurse/trainer/businesswoman chat about Personalities in Business. Won’t we all have something to say about that?
Visit for information about this interactive, networking group of women who make a difference in our business community.